I came to Seattle when I attended the University of Washington, where I learned to program in Fortran and assembly language on a mainframe computer. I spent the following years in technical jobs, but it wasn't until 1978 that I could afford to build a computer – assembled from various parts on an S-100 bus. The next year, I went to work for Compugraphic – at the time the leader in computer typesetting. Soon, I had moved to Massachusetts and was programming in a Unix environment with C and assembler. In 1987, I returned to Seattle.
Over the years, I have also worked at North American Morpho
Systems, Boeing, T-Mobile, and other companies. Before
1995, I worked mostly in a Unix and C environment,
but with the advent of Java, I have written applications
more in Java than in C.
Since the mid-90s, web technology has been more and more at the heart of application development, and most of my work over this time has involved web technology.
Today, I apply these more than 35 years of computing experience to software architecture, design and development.


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