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Sarah is an information system for small to medium size patient care facilities. It features patient care charting, employee timekeeping, and help for communication with and among employees.

Sarah is a 'webapp', accessible with a web browser from any workstation on your business network. It's customizable – charting, time sheets, and other features are configured to match the way your facility operates.

Sarah is easy to learn and use – employees require only minutes of training to begin using the system. Nurses can quickly record their patient care activities.

Sarah is easy to administer, and is designed from the ground up to be secure. Sensitive data is stored only on a secure server, data transmission between the server and each workstation is encrypted, and access to features is restricted according to employee role.

Sarah Fact SheetView the Sarah fact sheet

The Sarah Slide Show is a tour through a typical day at a patient care facility using Sarah to provide and maintain patient care information. The slide show is available via html (view it in your browser) and as a pdf file (view it with Adobe Reader).

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