As development begins, languages and frameworks are
known from the design, but standards and processes
are determined now. The environment may be Linux, Windows,
OS X, etc. It may include a development tool such as Eclipse. Coding conventions may be used. Often, an "agile" methodology will be followed, the motive being to make development more responsive to change.
Development is where the best laid plans meet the real world. Development begins with uncertainty and risk. As code is written, problems solved, and lessons learned, uncertainties are left behind and a product takes shape. Always, development feeds back into design, and the design is revised to reflect this.
My approach to architecture, design and development is to understand
risk, and to structure all phases of a project with risk reduction in mind.
This usually means dealing with technology risk as early as possible, and understanding schedule risk as completely as possible before development begins. This way, confidence in a successful project builds quickly.
For more on my background in software architecture, design and development, check out my biography.


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